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We love billiard movies as much as you do, and we've spent months scouring the globe for information! So here it is: our list of every billiard movie from around the world. From well-known classics like The Hustler and The Color of Money to international hits like Pakners ("Partners") and Stickmen to totally obscure titles like The Desperate Prodigal and Bad Boy. Watch this site for updates as we find additional information, photos, merchandise, and more.

Turn The River (2007)

Starring: Famke Janssen, Rip Torn, Matt Ross, Lois Smith, Chris Eigeman, and Tony Robles

Written and Directed By: Chris Eigeman

Theatrical Release: (to be announced, possibly spring 2008)

Plot: A hard-edged mother (Janssen) plays cards and pool to raise the money she needs to rescue her son from his abusive father.

9-Ball (2006)

Starring: Jennifer Baretta, Jon Douglas Rainey, Johnny Alonzo, Karen Corr, and Julie Kelly

Written and Directed By: Tony Palma

Release Date: (to be announced, 2007)

Plot: A young female pool player (Baretta) breaks away from hustling in the back rooms of bars under the manipulation of her exploitative uncle, to follow her dream of becoming the Women's World 9-Ball Champion.

Kisses & Caroms (2006)

Starring: Nicole Rayburn, Drew Wicks, Nikki Stanzione, and Ginger Lynn Allen

Written By: Vincent Rocca and Michael Hutchinson

Directed By: Vincent Rocca

Release Date: August 22, 2006 (DVD)

Plot: After a drunken overnight threesome, three coworkers at a billiards pro shop talk about it and deal with it the next day at work.

Shooting Gallery (2005)

Starring: Freddie Prinze Jr., Ving Rhames, Roselyn Sanchez, and Callum Keith Rennie

Written and Directed By: Keoni Waxman

Release Date: December 27, 2005 (DVD)

Plot: A street-smart pool player (Prinze) falls in with a pack of hustlers, and as he rises in the New Orleans underground circuit, he lands in the middle of a match between his ruthless boss (Rhames) and a crooked cop (Rennie).

Up Against the 8 Ball (2004)

Starring: Iva La'Shawn, Tawny Dahl, Kym Whitley, and Jay Cooper

Written By: Ken Sagoes

Directed By: Troy Curvey Jr. and Miguel A. Núñez Jr.

Theatrical Release: November 1, 2004 (limited)

Other Release: DVD, VHS

Plot: Two pool-playing college girls who can't afford next year's tuition go to Las Vegas to compete in a high-stakes 8-ball tournament.

Pakners ("Partners" - 2003, Philippines)

Starring: Fernando Poe Jr., Efren Reyes, and Candy Pangilinan

Written By: Manny R. Buising, Ely Matawaran, and Fernando Poe Jr.

Directed By: Tony Y. Reyes

Theatrical Release: March 2003 (Philippines)

Other Release: DVD - region free (no subtitles), VCD

Plot: A contented Filipino farmer (Reyes) travels to the big city, impresses everyone with his billiard skills, falls in love, and enters a doubles pool tournament with his friend.

Behind the Nine (2003)

Starring: Derek Seiling, Muretta Moss, Joseph Cipriani, and Dawn Smith

Directed By: Martin L. Kelley

Written By: Martin L. Kelley, Robert J. Lee, and Jamie Wingler

Theatrical Release: November 14, 2003

Other Release: DVD (rental), Online (streaming or download)

Plot: A statistics-obsessed slacker (Seiling), who runs a high-stakes underground annual pool tournament from his home, deals with trouble on the final night from the remaining eight contestants.

Carambola (2003, Mexico)

Starring: Diego Luna, Daniel Martínez, Jesús Ochoa, and Laura Hidalgo

Written and Directed By: Kurt Hollander

Theatrical Release: March 23, 2003

Other Release: (Mexico: DVD - region 1)

Plot: After a billiards player (Martínez) finds himself the owner of a pool hall, he deals with all kinds of trouble from the mob-boss former owner, his promiscuous daughter, and her swindling drug-dealing boyfriend.

Poolhall Junkies (2002)

Starring: Mars Callahan, Chazz Palminteri, Rod Steiger, Alison Eastwood, and Christopher Walken.

Written and Directed By: Mars Callahan

Theatrical Run: February 28th - March 21st, 2003 (limited release)

Other Release: DVD, (out of print: VHS)

Plot: A talented young pool player (Callahan) breaks away from his hustling mentor (Palminteri), moves in with his girlfriend (Eastwood) and tries to find honest work, only to be drawn back in to bail out his brother in a high-stakes race-to-nine pool match.

Stickmen (2001, New Zealand)

Starring: Robbie Magasiva, Scott Wills, Paolo Rotondo, Anne Nordhaus, and Simone Kessell

Written By: Nick Ward

Directed By: Hamish Rothwell

Theatrical Release: January 18, 2001 (New Zealand)

Other Release: DVD, VHS

Plot: Three pool-playing buddies get roped into an underground doubles pool tournament run by a dangerous mobster, to raise the money to help save their friend's bar from closing.

Running Out (2001)

Starring: Eric Niemi, Sarah Davis, and D.J. Farmer

Written By: Eric Niemi

Directed By: Byron Cepek

Theatrical Release: January 11, 2002 (limited, film festival showings)

Other Release: (none)

Plot: Romantic heartbreaking story set at a pool tournament.

Klassik (1998, Russia)

Starring: Sergey Nikonenko, Alexander Pankratov-Chyorny, and Vladimir Etush

Written By: Pavel Chukhraj, Yelena Karavayeshnikova, and Giorgi Shengeliya

Directed By: Giorgi Shengeliya

Other Release: (Russia: DVD region2, VCD, DivX)

Plot: An underhanded and dangerous pool player steals the cash from a billiard society's charity tournament, so they send their best player "Klassik" (Nikonenko) to challenge him and win it back.

Il Tocco: La Sfida ("The Touch: The Challenge" - 1997, Spain)

Also known as: The Cuemaster: Colpo Da Maestro; A Tres Bandas; (Karambol); Rack Up

Starring: Franco Nero, Ruth Gabriel, Imanol Arias, and Thomas Kretschmann

Written By: Enrico Coletti, Lorenzo De Luca, Filippo De Luigi, and Carlo Gabriel Nero

Directed By: Enrico Coletti

Theatrical Release: May 16, 1997 (Spain)

Other Release: VCD, (Russia: DVD), (out of print: VHS)

Plot: When his bar-owning friend is murdered in Spain, a billiards champion (Nero) takes on the owner's gifted young daughter and trains her for the world tournament in Italy, where she must disguise herself as a man to compete.

Lemon Tree Billiards House (1996)

Starring: Ray Bumatai, Dean Kaneshiro, and Tracy Anderson

Story By: Cedric Yamanaka

Screenplay By: Cam Eason

Directed By: Tim Savage

Theatrical Release: 1996 (limited, film festival showings)

Other Release: (none)

Plot: A college student (Bumatai) encounters an aging hit-man in Hawaii, and learns a lot about trust and risk over the course of several games of pool.

Chalk (1996)

Starring: Edwin Johnson, Johnnie Reese, Kelvin Han Yee, and Don Bajema

Written By: Don Bajema and Rob Nilsson

Directed By: Rob Nilsson

Theatrical Release: April 1996 (limited, film festivals)

Other Release: DVD, VHS

Plot: The aging owner of a small seedy California poolhall quarrels with his two sons, one of which (Yee) has the potential for a better life but gets continuously roped into pool hustling by his selfish brother.

Snooker Balls-Up (video clip show, 1994, UK, 56 min.)

Starring: Jim Davidson

Directed and Produced By: Tom Docherty

Production Company: Chrysalis Sport Ltd.

Release Date: July 11, 1994 (VHS)

Other Release: VCD

Plot: A collection of snooker goofs, trick shots, and musical montages from acclaimed British comedian Jim Davidson.

Ett Paradis Utan Biljard
("A Paradise Without Billiards" - 1991, Sweden/Italy/Denmark)

Also Known As: Ein Paradies ohne Billard; Un Paradiso Senza Biliardo (Italy)

Starring: Gianluca Favilla, Carlo Felicetti, Giacomo Foretti, and Paolo Migone

Written and Directed By: Carl Barsotti

Theatrical Release: 1991 (Italy)

Other Release: (out of print: VHS - pal)

Plot: In the 1950s an Italian pool player moves to Sweden when his friend describes it as a "paradise" of wine, women and cash, but it's not what he expects and worst of all, there's no billiards.

Kiss Shot (Made for TV, 1989)

Starring: Whoopi Goldberg, Dennis Franz, Dorian Harewood, and Tasha Scott

Written By: Carl Kleinschmitt

Directed By: Jerry London

Television Premiere: April 11, 1989, 9pm (CBS "Tuesday Movie")

Other Release: DVD, VCD, (out of print: VHS, Laserdisc)

Plot: A gifted former-pool-playing single mother loses her job, starts playing pool for money again, and falls in love with an opponent.

A Game of Pool -
The New Twilight Zone (Episode 55, 1988)

Starring: Esai Morales, Maury Chaykin

Written By: George Clayton Johnson and Rod Serling

Produced By: Buck Houghton

Directed By: Randy Bradshaw

Original Release: 1988 (syndicated TV)

Other Release: DVD

Plot: A remake of the classic "A Game of Pool" Twilight Zone television episode from 1961, now with the director's original intended ending restored.

Hard Knuckle
(Made for TV, 1987, Australia)

Starring: Steve Bisley, Gary Day, David Jay, Esben Storm, and Paul Chubb

Written By: Gary Day

Directed By: Lex Marinos

Television Premiere: Network Nine, December 9, 1988 (Australia)

Other Release: (out of print: VHS)

Plot: In a post-apocalyptic wilderness world of drugs, lawlessness and corrupt poolhalls, a maverick pool-player (Bisby) challenges the reigning champion at the "knuckle table" where losers sacrifice their fingers.

The Color of Money (1986)

Sequel to 1961's "The Hustler"

Starring: Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Helen Shaver, and John Turturro

Story By: Walter Tevis

Screenplay by: Richard Price

Directed By: Martin Scorsese

Theatrical Release: October 17, 1986

Other Release: DVD, VHS, VCD, DivX (out of print: Betamax, Laserdisc)

Plot: (Sequel to The Hustler, 1961) The aging pool hustler (Newman) tries to train a young cocky protégé (Cruise) in the art of big-money hustling.

Billy The Kid and the Green Baize Vampire (1985, UK)

Starring: Phil Daniels, Bruce Payne, Alun Armstrong, and Louise Gold

Screenplay By: Trevor Preston

Directed By: Alan Clarke

Theatrical Release: December 31, 1985 (USA)

Other Release: (UK: DVD - region2, out of print: VHS - pal)

Plot: Quirky British musical about a cocky cowboy snooker player (Daniels) who accepts the challenge of a grudge match from the 9-time world champion (Payne), and the loser will never play professional snooker again.

Casablanca, Casablanca
(1985, Italy)

Sequel to 1982's "Io, Chiara e lo Scuro"

Starring: Francesco Nuti, Giuliana de Sio, and Marcello Lotti

Story by: Francesco Nuti, Sergio Donati, and Luciano Vincenzoni

Directed By: Francesco Nuti

Theatrical Release: September 1985 (Italy)

Other Release: (out of print: VHS - pal, 1992)

Plot: (Sequel to Io, Chiara e lo Scuro, 1982) -- Francesco (Nuti) is now living with his girlfriend (de Sio) and no longer plays billiards, but when she moves far away, he starts playing again and competes in a world tournament in Morocco.

Number One
(Made for TV, 1984, UK)

Starring: Bob Geldof, Alfred Molina, Ray Winstone, and Phil Daniels

Written By: G.F. Newman

Directed By: Les Blair

Theatrical Release: March 1985 (UK - limited)

Other Release: (UK: TV, DVD - region2, VHS - pal)

Plot: A snooker hall hustler (Geldof) deals with criminals, prostitutes, corrupt cops, and other hustlers on the mean streets of London, in his quest to become a famous player.

The Baron and the Kid
(Made for TV, 1984)

Starring: Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Greg Webb, Darrin McGavin, and Tracey Pollan

Teleplay By: Bill Stratton, Paul Richey, Billy Sherrill, and Jerry Taylor

Directed By: Gary Nelson

Television Premiere: November 21, 1984, 9pm (CBS "Wednesday Night Movie")

Other Release: DVD, (out of print: VHS)

Plot: A former-alcoholic pool pro (Cash) befriends a brash young hustler (Webb) who turns out to be his long-lost son, and together they compete in a legitimate pro pool tournament.

Io, Chiara e lo Scuro
("Me, Chiara and the Dark" - 1982, Italy)

Also Known As: The Pool Hustlers; Revanche a Billard

Starring: Francesco Nuti, Giuliana de Sio, and Marcello Lotti

Story by: Francesco Nuti, Franco Ferrini, Enrico Oldoini, and Maurizio Ponzi

Directed By: Maurizio Ponzi

Theatrical Release: 1982 (Italy)

Other Release: (out of print: VHS - pal, 1992)

Plot: A young gifted billiards player (Nuti) can beat the reigning champion (Lotti) when playing for fun, but not whenever they're playing for money.

The Desperate Prodigal
(1981, Hong Kong)
Equals Against Devils
(re-cut 1985, Hong Kong)

Starring: Peng "Roc" Tien, Champ Wang, Kam Kong, and Chen Sing

Written and Directed By: Peng "Roc" Tien

Theatrical Release: 1981 (Hong Kong)

Other Release: ("Equals": DVD), (out of print "Desperate": VHS)

Plot: A young pool player (Tien) in Hong Kong teams up with a bionic-armed man to compete in high-stakes billiards matches and trick-shot competitions against ruthless gunslinging mobsters.

The Baltimore Bullet (1980)

Starring: James Coburn, Bruce Boxleitner, Omar Sharif, and Ronee Blakley

Written By: John Brascia and Robert Vincent O'Neill

Directed By: Robert Ellis Miller

Theatrical Release: April 1, 1980

Other Release: (out of print: VHS, Laserdisc)

Plot: A cool con man (Coburn) and his young protégé (Boxleitner) hustle their way across America towards a high-stakes pool tournament.

Hagiga Ba'Snuker
("Party at the Snooker"
- 1975, Israel)

Also Known As: Snooker; Festival at the Poolroom; Khagigah BaSnuker

Starring: Ze'ev Revach, Yehuda Barkan, Yosef Shiloah, and Arieh Elias

Written By: Uri Dan and Eli Tavor

Directed By: Boaz Davidson

Release Date: 1975 (Israel)

Other Release: VHS, DVD, DivX

Plot: A cult-classic Israeli comedy about two small-time crooks who run a snooker bar and get into trouble when they lose big to a mobster.

The Player (1971)

Starring: Jerry Como, Rae Phillips, Carey Wilmot, Jack Colavita, and Minnesota Fats

Written and Directed By: Thomas DeMartini

Theatrical Release: 1971 (limited)

Other Release: (none)

Plot: Billiards legend "Minnesota Fats" (real name Rudolph Wanderone) plays himself in this feature film that seems to have been lost in obscurity.

En Este Pueblo No Hay Ladrones
("In This Town There Are No Thieves" - 1964, Mexico)

Also Known As: There Are No Thieves In This Village

Starring: Julian Pastor, Luis Buñuel

Story by: Gabriel García Márquez, Emilio García Riera and Alberto Isaac

Directed and Produced By: Alberto Isaac

Theatrical Release: September 9, 1965 (Mexico)

Other Release: (out of print: VHS)

Plot: A historical classic of Mexican cinema telling the story of a young boy who steals the only three billiard balls from the local bar, which causes an uproar with all the men in the village.

A Game of Pool - The Twilight Zone (Episode 70, 1961)

Starring: Jack Klugman, Jonathan Winters, and Rod Serling

Written By: George Clayton Johnson and Rod Serling

Directed By: Buzz Kulik

Original Release: October 13, 1961, 10pm (Season 3, Episode 5, CBS)

Other Release: DVD, (out of print: VHS, Laserdisc)

Plot: The "ghost" of deceased champion poolplayer Fats Brown (Winters) appears at a poolhall to challenge a hot-shot player (Klugman) to a game of pool, with his life as the stakes.

The Hustler (1961)

Starring: Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason, Piper Laurie, and George C. Scott

Story by: Walter S. Tevis

Screenplay by: Sydney Carroll, Robert Rossen, and Walter S. Tevis

Directed By: Robert Rossen

Theatrical Release: September 25, 1961

Other Release: VCD, DVD - region 2-4, (out of print: DVD - region 1, VHS, Betamax, Laserdisc)

Plot: A young hotshot pool player (Newman, as "Fast" Eddie Felson) challenges a long-time champion (Gleason, as "Minnesota Fats") in a single high-stakes billiard match.

The Mosconi Story - A Pete Smith Specialty (1952, 10 min.)

Table Toppers - A Pete Smith Specialty (1950, 10 min.)

Super Cue Men - A Pete Smith Specialty (1948, 9 min.)

Starring: Willie Mosconi, Jimmy Caras, Charles Peterson, Corinne Calvet, Joi Lansing

Written and Narrated by: Pete Smith

Directed By: David O'Brien; David Barclay (Super Cue Men)

Theatrical Release: 1948-1953

Other Release: (none)

Plot: Three short 16mm documentaries from the "Pete Smith Specialty" film series featuring billiards legends Mosconi, Caras and Peterson performing trick shots.

Bad Boy (1935)

Starring: James Dunn, Dorothy Wilson, John Wray, Louise Fazanda, and Victor Kilian

Written by: Viña Delmar and Allen Rivkin

Directed By: John G. Blystone

Theatrical Release: October 25, 1935

Other Release: (none)

Plot: An unemployed pool shark (Dunn) secretly marries his girlfriend and tries to find a respectable job to win over her disapproving parents.

Pool Sharks (1915)

Starring: W.C. Fields and Bud Ross

Written By: W.C. Fields

Directed By: Edwin Middleton

Theatrical Release: November 19, 1915

Other Release: DVD, (out of print: VHS)

Plot: This 15-minute silent movie is screen legend W.C. Fields' first ever film, a slapstick comedy set in a billiard parlor, based partly on the famous comedian's stage act.